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 Author Katie Alender   Katie Alender is the author of the Bad Girls Don’t Die series. Her newest book, Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer, released in September 2013. Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer is about Colette Iselin who goes on an amazing trip to Paris… during a time when people are being gruesomely murdered. Originally from south Florida, Katie now lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter. Her Hogwarts House is Ravenclaw and she enjoys reading, yoga, and the color red, just to name a few things.   Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer 
 Author Elana Arnold  

Elana Arnold has written three novels, her most recent Splendor came out this past November and is the sequel to her first novel SacredSplendor continues the story of Scarlett Wenderoth who led a fairly isolated life when her brother died and finds some happiness in her horse until she meets the mysterious Will Cohen.  Elana lives in Long Beach with her husband, two children and many animals.

 Author Robin Benway  

Robin Benway is the author of Audrey, Wait, The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June and the AKA/ Also Known As series.  Second in the AKA series, Going Rogue, continues the story of Maggie Silver, a 16-year-old safecracker and active-duty daughter of international spies.  Today Robin lives in Los Angeles with her shih tzu, Hudson.

  Going Rogue 
 Author Livia Blackburne   Livia Blackburne is the author of two books, Poison Dance and Midnight Thief. Midnight Thief releases in July and is the story of Tristam of Brancel and Kyra, two enemies who must work together to survive and get the vengeance they both seek. Livia writes a blog about psychology and neuroscience for writers and has a low tolerance for sweets.   Midnight Thief 
 Author Jessica Brody   Jessica Brody is the author of both adult and young adult novels. Her latest book, Unforgotten, continues the story of a young 16 year old girl who was found unharmed and the only survivor in a plane crash. Seraphina, the main character in the series, continues to struggle to remember her past, and the strange new abilities she cannot explain. Jessica splits her time between Los Angeles and Chicago and loves bananas but hates anything banana flavored.   Unforgotten 
 Author Ava Dellaria   Ava Dellaira is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where she was a Truman Capote Fellow. She currently lives in Santa Monica, California, where she works in the film industry and is writing her second novel. Ava’s debut novel, Love Letters to the Dead, is about Laurel who begins writing letters to famous dead celebrities that her diseased sister May loved. Through the letters Laurel begins to come to terms with her life, herself, and the death of her sister.   Love Letters to the Dead 
 Author Katherine Ewell   Katherine Ewell is the author of Dear Killer, a book she wrote when she was just 17 years old. Dear Killer is about a seventeen-year-old high school student who is really a serial killer. Kit chooses who she murders based on letters left in a secret mailbox, but runs into problems when she befriends her next mark, who is also the detective in charge of “Perfect Killer” case. Katherine is eighteen-years-old and is a lover of science and reading.   Dear Killer 
 Author Lauren Kate   Lauren Kate is the author of the Fallen quartet, as well as her new Teardrop series.  Her newest book Waterfall, the second in the Teardrop series, comes out this October and continues the story of Eureka Boudreaux whose mother died but left behind one rule: never, ever cry. When this rule is broken terrible consequences result and Eureka must find a way to mend this mistake before it is too late. Lauren currently lives Los Angeles with her husband, daughter, and their dog.   Teardrop 
 Author Jessi Kirby   Jessi Kirby is a former teacher and librarian who resides in Orange County with her husband and two kids. Her latest novel is Golden. Parker Frost is a good girl who never breaks the rules. When fate drops the journal of the town’s deceased sweetheart into her lap, Parker decides to break a few rules. The mystery ends up taking Parker places that she never could have imagined.   In Honor 
 Author Catherine Linka   Catherine Linka is a passionate traveler who has visited Iceland, the Amazon, and the Arctic circle. Her debut novel A Girl called Fearless, is set in a dystopic world where millions of women have died from eating a synthetic hormone. 17 year old Avie dreams of college, love, and what the future may hold. Her dreams are shattered when her father stages an arranged marriage. Avie is left with two choices: marry a much older man, or flee to Canada.   A Girl Called Fearless 
 Author Lauren Miller   Lauren Miller is the author of Parallel, and Free to Fall. Free to Fall is set in the future where a lifestyle device called the Lux makes all your choices for you. Sixteen-year-old Rory Vaughn accepts her reality until she meets North, a handsome hacker who chooses to ignore Lux. Lauren lives in southern California with her husband and two children.   Free to Fall 
 Author Mary Pearson   Mary E. Pearson is the author of several award winning books for teens, including the best-selling Jenna Fox Chronicles. She is a native Southern Californian and writes full time from her home. Her awards and honors include the Golden Kite Award, ALA Best Books for Young Adults, the Andre Norton Honor, and The South Carolina Young Adult Book Award. Her latest book is the Kiss of Deception, about a princess who flees her village to escape an arranged marriage.   The Adoration of Jenna Fox 
 Author Lissa Price   Lissa Price’s debut novel Starters is an award-winning, international bestseller published in over thirty countries. Enders is the thrilling conclusion to the series. In Enders, someone is after Starters like Callie and Michael—teens with chips in their brains. They want to experiment on anyone left over from Prime Destinations—Starters who can be controlled and manipulated.   Starters 
 Author Sarah Skilton   Sarah Skilton is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a fact that came in handy while writing her martial arts-themed debut YA novel, Bruised. She and her husband, a magician, live in Southern California with their toddler son. Her latest book, High and Dry, features a high school soccer player who is framed for a stranger’s near-fatal overdose at a party, blackmailed into finding a mysterious flash drive everyone in school seems anxious to suppress, and pressured by his shady best friend to throw an upcoming match.   High & Dry 
 Author John Corey Whaley   John Corey Whaley grew up in the small town of Springhill, Louisiana. He has a B.A. in English from Louisiana Tech University, as well as an M.A in Secondary English Education. He is the Prinz award winning author of Where Things Come Back. His latest novel, Noggin, features sixteen-year-old terminally ill Travis Coates. Travis undergoes experimental surgery, never realizing it will work, and awakens five years later to a world that is not different, and yet not quite the same.   Noggin 
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