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Drowning is 100 % preventable, yet is the #1 cause of death for children under the age of
five. The majority of drownings occur in residential swimming pools and spas, so remember,
only a momentary lack of supervision puts a child at risk.
To prevent this from happening,
Ontario Fire Department
has adopted a
Prevention Plan. “Children Drown Without a Sound, Learn the ABC’s of water safety.”
Below are the basic ABC’s of pool water safety. By learning these basic water safety tips you
and your child will learn how to prevent drowning. For more tips and information, watch the
CPR Awareness video on the
of pool safety website at
= Active adult supervision – Maintain visual on children at all times.
= Barriers – use multiple barriers to keep children out of the water such
as fencing, gates, latches, alarms, pool safety nets and covers.
= Classes – Adults should take CPR lessons, learn proper rescue techniques and keep rescue equipment at
poolside. Kids can develop swimming skills through qualified and on-going instruction.
Know the ABC’s of Water Safety
Drowning is 100% preventable. Know the ABC’s of Water Safety to keep your child safe throughout the year!
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