Ontario’s Mayor and City Council remain committed to using an
“any and all means necessary” approach to regaining local control of
Ontario International Airport. During negotiations, valuation proposals
and associated offers put forth by Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA)
were inaccurate and inconsistent with their responsibilities under the
current Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) and their fiduciary duties as
the Airport operator. We therefore filed an administrative claim on
April 11 to request dissolution of the existing JPA and transition of the
Airport to our Ontario International Airport Authority. Our
administrative claim ensured that all available transition tools,
including legal options, were applied while we worked to negotiate a
successful deal with Los Angeles. We will continue to work to affect a
transfer of the Airport to local control. More information is available at
On March 20th, the Mayor and City Council hosted the 2013
State of the City at the Ontario Convention Center. Approximately 800
community members and business leaders from across Southern
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Inside City Hall
City Manager’s Update
California attended our business attraction and networking event. This year
we were fortunate to host three internationally recognized speakers, Steve
Strauss, Ann Rhoades, and Greg Lindsay, who helped provide support for
our City Council’s commitment to jobs, service, and the future of Ontario.
Videos featured during the event and a highlight reel are now available at
Please save the date as the Mayor and City
Council host the 2014 State of the City on March 19, 2014.
As featured in our 2013 State of the City video entitled “Focused on
the Future,” the Mayor and City Council unveiled plans for our new
Downtown Ontario Town Square Project which will feature an open air
amphitheatre, children’s play area, and a new Farmer’s Market, all in
pursuit of making Downtown Ontario a true destination for our residents
and visitors. The project went out to bid in April and we all look forward to
construction in Downtown to begin in the Fall of 2013.
On August 6, the City of Ontario will host National Night Out,
celebrating our continued partnership between our public safety providers
and the community. The City of Ontario has been a proud participant in the
National Night Out program for 28 years and has consistently placed
among the top ten cities within our population group for community
attendance for the past decade. This year’s event promises to be our most
exciting and interactive yet and we encourage all of our residents and
businesses to join us for the celebration. For more information regarding
participation and community involvement opportunities, please contact the
Ontario Police Department Crime Prevention Unit at 909-395-2093.
Finally, don’t forget to join your Mayor and City Council for Ontario’s
famous Fourth of July parade and
fireworks festivities as we celebrate
our Nation’s Independence Day. More
information is available at the City’s
website at
Enjoy the many summer
programs Ontario has to offer!
Chris Hughes,
City Manager
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