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Ontario has long been a community recognized for job
growth and strong community services. This year we continue
that tradition with a series of new developments and a wide
variety of recreational and educational programming for our
residents. What follows is a snapshot of some newsworthy
successes championed by your City Council.
The City Council’s commitment to infrastructure
enhancements was once again realized last Fall with the
completion of the North Milliken Grade Separation at Milliken
Ave. and Guasti Rd. These City improvements eliminate the at-
grade crossing for trains by elevating trains over major
thoroughfares throughout the City, easing traffic congestion.
The beginning of another grade separation at Milliken Ave. and
Mission Blvd. just launched and will be completed in 2017.
Concurrently, the Vineyard Ave. Grade Separation project has
commenced and will improve access and traffic flows to the
Ontario International Airport and surrounding business
districts by the end of 2016.
C i t y o f O n t a r i o ,
C a l i f o r n i a
Inside City Hall
City Manager’s Update
Development in the southern part of the City is off to a very
strong start in 2014. Nine specific plans have been approved
encompassing 2,919 acres. These plans propose the development
of 10,760 single family residences, 5,233 multi-family residences,
1.6 million square feet of commercial space, and 550,000 square
feet of business park. The recent investment of over $50 million has
resulted in significant infrastructure improvements including
streets, water, sewer, storm drain and water reclamation systems.
I have been given clear direction by the City Council to
continue the Set ONTario Free campaign and our resolve to transfer
the Ontario International Airport to local control. We will continue
to work diligently with all parties and the entire Southern California
region to bring back our most important economic engine and
job creator.
Our Mayor and City Council will host the 2014 State of the City
on March 19, 2014, at the Ontario Convention Center. Hosting three
industry experts, the Mayor and City Council will demonstrate
Ontario’s status as a leader in transportation planning, business
growth, and innovation. For more information and to RSVP for the
event, please visit
Finally, I want to thank the Ontario Mayor and City Council for
giving me the opportunity
to serve this community.
I am truly humbled, and I
look forward to furthering
the vision of the City
Council and ensuring that
our community continues
to be a model of public
service excellence for all.
Al C. Boling, City Manager
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