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The Museum of History and Art, Ontario in collaboration with the Ontario City
Library and the Recreation and Community Services Department are proud to offer our
third Annual Día de Los Muertos mask-making event. This annual event asks community
residents to decorate and design a Día de Los Muertos mask for entry into an Ontario
wide contest. All ages have the opportunity to attend several mask-making events
spread throughout the city at both libraries and several community center sites.
Winners of the Día de Los Muertos mask-making contest are awarded by age group and receive
a certificate and ribbon at the annual El Día de Los Muertos exhibit held at The Museum of History
and Art, Ontario from October 2 to November 16. This year’s Artist’s reception date is Saturday,
October 4 from 1:00 – 3:00pm. A slide show at the exhibit will display the efforts and ingenuity put
forth by all the participants and documents the process of the agency collaboration. Juried masks
will be hung among the other original artwork within the museum’s established “El Dia de Los
Muertos” exhibit with didactics of artist name, location of participation and age division. It is exciting
to see the creative minds and hands in the community of Ontario.
September is recognized as National Hispanic Heritage Month. The mask-making activities scheduled at the library and community centers
share the culture and art of many Latin American countries.
For more information regarding this exciting event, go to pages 35, 38, 40 and 43 in this issue of Ontario Living Magazine.
Come get
mulch created
by City tree trimmings for
Ontario Residents Only!
8:00am to 2:00pm
We encourage you to
arrive early for this
first-come, first-serve event
When: Tuesday, September 9
1400 S. Cucamonga Avenue
Between Belmont and Francis
(West side of the street)
Bring your own container and shovel.
Using Mulch in your garden helps the environment:
Conserves water
Adds nutrients to the soil
Natural method to prevent weed growth
“Closes the loop” by reusing trimmings in the yard.
For more information call the
Recycling Hotline
(909) 395-2040
Ontario-Wide Día de Los Muertos
Mask-Making Event
Calaveras Twenty Ten
by David Rosales. Courtesy of the artist
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