Ontario Living Magazine - Autumn 2014 - page 5

Swedish-born Petrus Emmanuel Ostran operated a dry goods
store for 25 years in Cambridge, Illinois before moving to Ontario in
1908. He selected the northwest corner of Euclid Avenue and “B”
Street as the site for his new, “P.E. Ostran Department Store.” The
modest store grew quickly and by 1929, the store became known for
its well stocked shelves of popular merchandise and helpful
employees. Petrus was a charter member of the Ontario Lions Club,
on the Board of Trustees of the First National Bank of Ontario, and an
active member of many of Ontario’s social organizations. He was
married four times but never had children of his own. Rather, he and
his wife, Catherine, raised his sister’s four children. At the age of 66,
Petrus died after a long illness. Funeral services were held at the
chapel of J.B. Draper & Company where abundant offerings of
flowers became a testament to the high esteem in which he was held
by his fellow townsmen. He was buried at Bellevue Cemetery in 1933.
P.E. Ostran is one of the notable citizens of times past featured in this year's Ontario Heritage Annual Cemetery Tour. The tour will be held
Saturday, October 11 at 10am. For more information contact
Ontario Heritage
P. E. Ostran of
Ostran’s Department Store
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