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C i t y o f O n t a r i o ,
C a l i f o r n i a
Inside City Hall
City Manager’s Update
additional police positions and authorized the City Manager to apply
for a Federal grant to fund six additional patrol officers. Similarly,
additional positions in the Fire Prevention Bureau and the
Development Agency will ensure the City stays ahead of New Model
Colony Growth and maintains the City Council’s vision for a safe and
prosperous community.
The Mayor and City Council have approved a number of exciting
facility improvements and capital improvement projects. The budget
includes $4.8 million for street pavement rehabilitation, traffic signage,
handicap access ramps and other street related improvements that will
beautify Ontario’s public infrastructure for all who live, work, and visit
our community. Plans for construction of a new community center at
Anthony Munoz Park will continue as will a number of projects to install
energy efficient lighting, public restroom enhancements, basketball
and tennis court renovations, and other new amenities in Ontario’s
recreation areas. This year we will construct the Francis Street Storm
Drain Facility to reduce excess runoff from storm water, improve safety
and area traffic flow; while installation of new water pipelines will
greatly improve water service to Ontario residents. The City Council
also funded the City’s first dog park so residents can enjoy these
popular amenities within Ontario.
Finally, the Mayor and City Council have again committed funds to
facilitate the City’s efforts to transition the management and operation
of the Ontario International Airport from Los Angeles World Airports to
local control. The City continues negotiations with Los Angeles Mayor
Eric Garcetti and has not let up on the existing litigation front. Given the
improving local economy, despite airport activity levels and in
recognition of the City Council’s confirmed commitment to regaining
local control of Ontario International Airport, the primary City Council
goal for the upcoming fiscal year was solidified to: “Regain Local
Control of the Ontario International Airport.”
I hope everyone enjoys the
Summer and takes advantage of
the many programs and
amenities offered in the City of
Ontario. I look forward to seeing
you at the opening of our new
Ontario Town Square Park on
Friday, September 19th, the
same weekend as Ontario’s
wildly popular Route
66 Cruisin’ Reunion in
Downtown Ontario.
Al C. Boling, City Manager
On June 26, 2014, the Ontario Mayor and City Council
approved a structurally balanced budget for Fiscal Year 2014-15
during a special public council meeting. I am happy to report that
the City’s operating budget was balanced without the use of any
reserves or one-time monies. Ontario is one of the few
communities in the region that can claim this achievement, which
is a direct result of our City Council’s conservative fiscal policies
and strong, visionary City Council leadership. As a result, the
budget approved by the City Council will fund high quality
municipal services, continue maintenance and provide for
expansion of the City’s infrastructure and facilities, and bring new
capital projects to the community.
Improvements in the local economy support this year’s
budget achievements. For example, a growing job market, strong
retail and automobile sales, rebounding home prices, and
manufacturing sector growth are a few of the economic indicators
that show significant strength. Additionally, Ontario’s
unemployment rate dropped from 10.4% last year to 8.9%, as of
April 2014. This is a direct result of businesses expanding in and
relocating to the City of Ontario as well as the successful workforce
development partnerships formed with regional allies at the
direction of your City Council.
Public safety is also highlighted in the budget as a City
Council priority. The City Council allocated funding for three
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